Access Control List (ACL)

The Access Control List (ACL) is a PostgreSQL table which stores all private and admin user accounts.

Give the necessary roles to the PostgreSQL account defined in the environment settings the backend will generate a new ACL table from this schema.

create table if not exists users
"_id" serial not null,
email text not null,
password text not null,
verified boolean,
approved boolean,
admin boolean,
verificationtoken text,
approvaltoken text,
failedattempts integer default 0,
password_reset text,
api text

XYZ security and strategy which depend on this ACL table schema will be discussed in detail in the infrastructure section of this documentation.

The connection details for the ACL must be provided in the Access Control Environment Settings.

A default admin account [email protected] (password: admin123) will be inserted into a newly created ACL table.

This account can be used to login and approve the first newly registered admin account. The default account should be removed as soon as a new private admin account with a valid email has been defined.