Layers which support locations can be filtered. Filter which are defined for entries in the layer's infoj array can be selected from a dropdown in the layers filter panel.

Depending on the type of the entry, different filters are supported. Setting a filter will reload the layer not showing the filtered out locations in the map.

"filter": "like"

Like filter allow items where the filter field must begin with the filter term.

"filter": "match"

Filter locations where the value of the filter field must exactly match the filter term.

"filter": "date"

Allowing to filter locations with date fields according to the date being before or after a date specified in the filter. Input value is allowed 2 decimals for numeric data.

"filter": "numeric"

Allowing to filter locations with numeric fields with values being greater or lesser than a number defined in the filter.

"filter": {
"in": [
"Class A",
"Class B",
"Class C"

Filtering by checkbox adds checkboxes for each value added to "in" array within filter object. Applied filters are logically conjunctive.

"filter": "boolean"

This filter works with boolean data type. Once enabled it displays a checkbox set to TRUE by default and updates the map. If unchecked it updates the map to filter FALSE fields values. In order to disable the filter it should be cleared.