Additional geometries

It is possible to assign geometry fields as infoj entries.

"field": "geom_rplace",
"fieldfx": "ST_asGeoJson(geom_rplace)",
"type": "geometry",
"style": {
"stroke": true,
"color": "#cf0",
"weight": 2,
"fill": true,
"fillOpacity": 0.5

A geojson geometry from a geometry field will be displayed with the style defined in the infoj entry. The default style will be the defined by the record itself. A fieldfx function can be used to turn PostGIS geometries into geojson on the fly.

"name": "Create isoline"

Additional geometry has its respective checkbox for creating/deleting/recreating if editing in enabled on the feature. If no editing is set the checkbox has Show/Hide function. "name" property sets label for checkbox. If unset defaults to "Additional geometries".