PostGIS Data Layers

Data layers from PostGIS tables require additional connection parameter.

"dbs": "XYZ"

The dbs key value must match a database connection in the environment settings. The key value XYZ requires a database connection DBS_XYZ.

"table": "schema.eu_nuts_lv0"

The table value must match a table in the database defined by the dbs parameter. The table name can be prefixed with a schema separated from the table name with a dot.

"tables": {
"6": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"7": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"8": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"9": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"10": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"11": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"12": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"13": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"14": "eu_nuts_lv0",
"15": null

A tables object can be provided instead of the table key. With a single table key the layer will be visible on all zoom levels in a locale. It is possible to set a tables object with key value/pairs defining which table should provide the data at the zoom level represented by the key.

Setting a null value will prevent the layer to be visible on the zoom level and beyond the defined range.

PostGIS data layers also require a geometry field to be defined in the layer settings. The definition of the geometry field varies with the layer format.