Workspace Connections

A workspace and associated database connections must be defined in the environment settings.

"WORKSPACE": "postgres://username:[email protected]:5432/database|schema.table"

The WORKSPACE key value is a pg-connection-string plus table definition. A table with a zero configuration workspace will created if the table does not exist. The database user must have privileges to create a new table in the defined schema and add records to the workspace table.

Below is the PostgreSQL schema for workspace tables.

create table settings
"_id" serial not null,
settings json

Workspace files

"WORKSPACE": "file:demo.json"

With the file: prefix the server will look for a workspace document in the in the workspaces directory of the repository. Serving a workspace from a file makes it impossible to modify the workspace which is loaded into the backend memory.

PostGIS Database Connections

Connection strings must be provided for all data sources which are referenced in a workspace.

"DBS_XYZ": "postgres://username:[email protected]:5432/database"

Keys beginning with DBS_ store PostGIS data source connections. During startup the keys are used to register PostgreSQL database connections. The remainder of the "DBS_***" string is the key for the database connection. This key must be referenced as the dbs parameter in workspace layer definitions.